Security Services

SG Electrics has over a decade of experience working in and alongside the Security Industry.

We have a strong belief that by making just the smallest changes you can make huge differences to the safety and security of your property and family.

Here are some of the services we can offer:

Security Lighting

Burglars want to carry out their crimes where no one can see them, in the dark. Unlit, shaded areas are exactly what they are looking for, luckily this is something you can deny them with ease.

Speak to us about fitting security lighting, we can put lights of any brightness anywhere you like, they can be fitted with dusk till dawn sensors, to illuminate the chosen area throughout the night.

They can be fitted to timers to come on at specific times, maybe when the property is at its most vulnerable.

Security lighting can also be fitted to motion sensors so they only come one when someone approaches, not only does this protect your property but it can help you when looking in your bag for your keys or when you are taking your bags out.

Whatever your security lighting requirements speak to your local electrician to see how we can help.


The last thing a criminal wants is a 130db alarm system waking the neighbours or occupants of a property they are targeting. Unfortunately for them that is exactly what will happen if you employ our services.

We have a huge variety of alarm options for you to suite a variety of budgets. You can have text alerts sent to up to 3 phones to alert you that your alarm is going off, you can have additional keyfobs, panic buttons, window and door sensors, pet friendly sensors and additional alarm boxes.

Just the presence of an alarm box on the outside of your property can make a difference, if you were a criminal would you choose to target a house with an alarm box or one without?


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Fire Protection

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