LEFT: A 6 way RCBO consumer unit was fitted to a property in Hockley, Essex. These are a great option when space is limited. These are also great as they enable better circuit isolation in the event of a fault.

RIGHT: A customer supplied cooker hood we fitted. Really brightened up the kitchen and helps with unwanted smells, this one has a carbon filter as it was no possible to vent through a wall.

LEFT: Some LED panels we fitted in a fantastic estate agents in Leigh On Sea, these replaced spot lights which were run on compact fluorescent lamps, these used to go often and did not give off enough light. We also replaced some old metal halide display lights for LED replacments, these look so much better and are paying for themselves in reduced energy bills.

RIGHT: This was a complete install in a summer house including steel wire armour cable, a new consumer unit, lighting, security lighting and sockets. The building is now used as a gym/"man cave"

Dri Air Heat Installation

Below is a Dri Air Heat unit that we fitted into a Leigh-On-Sea bungalow loft as the property was suffering from severe damp.

The customer sourced this unit which works by pulling clean air in through the white filters, heating it when the thermostat detects low temperatures and then pumping the clean, warm air into the property to provide greatly improved airflow.

SG Electrics fully qualified and insured to fit units like these and carry out all other residential electrical work.

Dri Air Electrician in Southend On Sea


Security / Outdoor Lighting

Below is a picture of an LED Security Light we fitted for a client in Southend-On-Sea. The gentleman had just moved in and was concerned about the safety of the rear of his property.

The effected part of the garden was very narrow and heavily shaded so at night was very dark but another consideration was the proximity of his neighbours for this reason we opted to use a slightly lower powered security light so as not to cause unnecessary light pollution.

The owner also did not have any RCD protection on his consumer unit so this light was fitted with a permanently wired in RCD plug to comply with the latest wiring regulations (BS7671) and add an extra level of protection for himself and his family.

Due to the high risk posed by water ingress (rain) with outdoor lighting we strongly suggest you consult a qualified electrician such as SG Electrics to undertake this work. All good Electricians will be happy to offer you a free quote so you have nothing to lose.

In addition to Security Lights we can also supply and fit Alarm Systems and CCTV Systems.

Leigh On Sea Electrician Secuirty Lighting

Extra Sockets / Garage Installation

Here we were asked to assist a customer in Westcliff-On-Sea by adding 5 new sockets to his garage. These were to power a fridge/freezer, boiler, garage door and a washing machine. As the existing circuits were already overloaded and likely to trip we installed a new circuit from the consumer unit. Being a new circuit this was a notifiable job that legally can only be done by a Part P registered, fully qualified Electrician.

We notified the local authority on the customer’s behalf at no extra cost. Using tradesmen who do not do this when required can result in your home insurance(s) being deemed invalid in the event of a fire. Don’t risk it call SG Electrics!

garage sockets Electrician Westcliif-On-Sea Essex

Full Rewire In Westcliff-On-Sea

Here are some photos from a full rewire we did in Westcliff-On-Sea, originally this was a very old installation with no reliable earth connection or bonding. We liaised with UK Power Networks to have this upgraded and to have the incoming supply moved to the outside of the property.

Some rooms only had one single plug socket and lighting was inadequate to say the least.

Some of the features we put in on this job were: New 2 way lighting in the hall. 2 way lighting in the main bedroom so the customer can turn the light on and off from his bed. A 10.5KW Electric Shower. Motion sensor security light in the porch. Power and Lighting in the loft as well as extra sockets throughout.

As a full Elecsa Member we were able to notify all this work to the local authority at no extra cost to the customer.

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